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      Structural Core

      Sino Composite has been cultivating structural core materials business for over 20 years. Now, it has become an independent supplier with PVC foam and Balsa wood as its core competency via majority or minority equity participation, building or investing factory. It not only ensures the stable supply of the whole series of structural core materials, but also provides the foundation for its full service from primary materials to kits processing.

      Products Instruction

      As a worldwide well-known PVC foam manufacturer, Maricell has been designing and producing PVC foam for over 50 years in Italy. Sino Composite owns the rights to distribute all Maricell PVC foam globally and the exclusive right to sell it in the Chinese market.


      Maricell main products Product Description
      Universal structural foam
      MYcell is a closed cell, cross-linked polymer foam with density from 40kg/m3 to 360kg/m3. It is now the world's most common structural core material, widely used in Wind Energy, Yacht and Aerospace.
      High-temperature resistant foam
      HYcell is a kind of high-temperature resistant foam, suitable for high processing temperature like prepreg, widely used in Aerospace and Sports Equipment.
      Reusable joint foam
      LYcell is a kind of cost-effective reusable joint foam, widely used in parts like socket of wind turbine blades, nacelle covers, and bulkheads and machine shells.
      Flexcell is a kind of high impact resistance PVC Foam,characterized with excellent elongation at break and shear strength, suitable for industry such as high speed marine hulls, marine leisure facilities and railway as well as multi-surface and complex shape products like radome.


      Cobalsa established in 1973, with its manufacturing facilities located in the most authentic place of Balsa origin in the world, Ecuador. With over 40 years’ experience from primary processing to finished goods slicing, Cobalsa has always been providing Balsa products with stable performance and reasonable price to global clients including SIEMENS.

      Sino Composite has been the major shareholder of Cobalsa in 2014, thus being able to stabilize supply, control quality and reduce costs from the source of the supply chain. In response to this natural plant materials directly affected by the natural conditions, Sino Composite has done its best to create a healthy supply chain with stable quantity、quality and price for its loyal Balsa clients.

      Built in 2006, Sino Composite Qingdao kitting facility is able to provide comprehensive service to clients from a single piece of sheet to tens of thousands cubic meters, from simple cutting to complicated processing, from primary materials to finished kits. With an annual supply of 12,000 wind turbine blade structural core kits, Sino Composite has become a leading supplier in the global market.

      From Maricell`s PVC foam in Italy, to Cobalsa`s Balsa wood in Ecuador, to a nearly 10,000 square meters Marex kitting facility in Dallas, USA, all these have witnessed Sino Composite`s constant global expansion with aiming to serve to worldwide markets and clients.
      High-end reliable products, adequate and stable stock, advanced and efficient processing equipment, experienced management team, internationally dependable logistics network have laid an important foundation for Sino Composite`s global services of structural core materials. As the backbone of structural core materials`supplier, Sino Composite sincerely welcomes agents from all over the world to develop together.

      Business globally