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      Sealant Tape

      Beijing Yapu Sealant Materials Co., Ltd is a professional high-tech companythat integrates R&D, manufacturing and selling.The SinoBee Sealant Tape, Yapu`s own product, is available for the sealing between vacuum bags, or vacuum bag and the tooling. Based on its wide temperature resistance from 120℃ to 230℃ and characteristics of excellent sealability, easy application, no residue and high cost-efficiency, SINOBEE tape applies to the process of normal temperature vacuum perfusion, oven and autoclave cure, and widely extends in the sectors of aerospace, wind energy, marine, transportation, sports and laminated glass, etc.

      [ Features ]

      Easy to apply by hand Good adhesion to various films and tool surface Excellent release from composite or metal tooling Ideal for oven or autoclave cure Extensive applications in debulk/compacting, envelop bagging or resin damming

      [ Specification ]


      Type Specs Recommended
      Color Characteristics/
      JP120 3mm-12mm-7.5m/15m 120 Black Economical
      room temperature
      JP150Y 3mm-12mm-7.5m 150 Yellow Debulk,
      oven or autoclave
      JP150W 3mm-12mm-7.5m 150 White
      JP180 3mm-12mm-7.5m 180 Orange
      JP210 3mm-12mm-7.5m/15m 210 Yellow
      JP230 3mm-12mm-7.5m 230 Red brown Oven or autoclave
      Special specification products can be customized.
      Business globally