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      Carbon Fiber

      Located in Budapest, Hungary, SKY Advanced Materials Ltd., managed by a professional team with rich experience in carbon fiber manufacturing and unique spreading technologies of processing large tows carbon fiber, has successfully promoted its excellent quality products to automobile and industrial sectors. The annual capacity keeps growing from the current production of more than 2 million sqm and is expected to be doubled in the near future.

      Products Instruction

      [ Our product portfolio contains ]

      Unidirectional fabrics (0) Biaxial fabrics (0/90, ±45) Triaxial fabrics (0/±45) Quadriaxial fabrics (0/-45/90/+45)

      * The angles can be varied between ±45°, and ±60° is also possible.

      * Standard width of the fabrics is 50” (127 cm) and 100” (254 cm).

      * Customized widths may be available upon request (starting from 10cm).

      Owing to our unique spreading technique, the carbon fiber areal weight per layer starts from 30 gsm, which allows to manufacture very low areal weight carbon fiber multiaxial fabric (e.g. a triaxial fabric is less than 100 gsm!).

      Beyond the aim of the fabric development and production, we focus more on providing technical and engineering solutions as well as best services to our customers.

      Business globally