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Panasonic battery must be paid attention to when installing in a small space
Before the Panasonic battery is put on the shelf, it should be physically checked and the open circuit voltage should be measured to avoid rework. When one end of the cable is connected to the battery, the other end should be insulated or held in the palm of the hand to prevent it from reaching the place where it should not be used, causing fire; One end of the connecting line is connected, and the other end should be connected with the pole to be connected. Even if it is wrong, it will only be ignited on the pole and the connecting line, so as not to cause a big disaster; Or measure the pressure difference between the two points to be connected, zero can be connected; when two people are connected at the same time, the corresponding Panasonic battery pack should have no connection or potential relationship. Because the two people are at the same potential (or become the same potential at any time, such as touching the battery holder at the same time), if there is a potential difference between the connected batteries, the battery and the two people form a circuit, and an electric shock may occur; after the battery pack is connected in series, the Panasonic battery The voltage between the total positive and negative negative of the group is relatively high. When connecting to the MCCB (battery switch), each line should be connected to the MCCB first, then to the corresponding battery end; or leave a breakpoint in the battery pack. After completing the connection between the MCCB and the Panasonic battery pack, connect the breakpoints; for multiple sets of parallel battery packs, each group should be broken, and after the MCCB end is connected, use a multimeter to detect the polarity and then connect the broken ends.
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