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What should I do if the Panasonic battery active material falls off?
The active material of the Panasonic battery is mainly detached from the active material lead dioxide on the positive electrode plate. In severe cases, the electrolyte is cloudy and brown. When the battery is being charged, the brown matter rises from the bottom, the voltage rises too fast, the boiling occurs prematurely, and the relative density rises slowly. When discharging, the voltage drops too fast and the capacity drops.
the reason:
1 If the charging current is too large or overcharged for a long time, the water is electrolyzed, generating a large amount of gas, causing pressure inside the plate to cause the active material to fall off.
2 large current discharge, especially low temperature and high current discharge, lead sulfate is rapidly formed, volume expands, and the plate is deformed to promote the falling off of the active material.
3 The battery plate group is loose, the installation is poor, and the car bumps and vibrations will accelerate the falling off of the active material.
elimination method:
1 Avoid overcharging and high current charging and discharging for a long time. Installation and handling of the battery should be handled lightly to avoid shocks. The installation of the battery in the car should be firm and reliable.
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