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How can Panasonic batteries avoid bulging?
Panasonic battery may appear bulging due to wrong use, then do you know what measures can be avoided to avoid such phenomena? The following is a detailed introduction:
First, if you really understand the Panasonic battery, you can find that it is mostly connected in series, and when used, there is overcharge, if some poor quality single battery, in general, There is a case where the internal gas is not well compounded, and eventually the outer drum is deformed.
Second, if the setting of the floating charge voltage of the Panasonic battery is too high, the current during charging is too large, and the oxygen on the positive electrode plate is precipitated very quickly. It is too late to recombine at the negative electrode, and the temperature inside the battery body will rise rapidly. of. When there is no time to exhaust, once the pressure reaches a certain value, the shape will definitely bulge.
Third, and for deep discharge, you need to pay attention not too much, so as not to let the battery collapse, the same will change the drum. When the safety valve is used to open the valve, because the pressure is too high, or the safety valve is blocked, the pressure in the body is raised to a corresponding extent, causing the safety valves to not open normally. This phenomenon may cause the outer drum of the battery.
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