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How is the Panasonic battery tested?
1, online detection method
(1) In the DC power supply system, adjust the output voltage of the rectifier (DC screen) to the protection voltage, and the Panasonic battery pack supplies power to the actual load. In the discharge process, not only can single or multiple backward batteries be found, but also the whole The battery pack plays a role in re-maintenance.
(2) After the discharge is completed, the rectifier (DC screen) is turned on to charge the battery pack. After the battery pack is fully charged, the current is stable for 3 hours, and it is considered to be full of saturation.
(3) Perform separate charging and discharging maintenance on single or multiple batteries in the battery pack. If the performance index does not improve after several cycles, please consider replacing the single unit or the whole group of Panasonic batteries.
2, offline detection method
(1) After the Panasonic battery pack is fully charged, it is allowed to stand for one hour after leaving the system, and an external (smart) dummy load is used under the condition of an ambient temperature of about 25 ° C, and a discharge test is performed using a discharge rate of 10 hours. (It is recommended to use the SFJ series battery capacity measuring instrument produced by our company)
(2) The terminal voltage, ambient temperature and time of the battery should be measured before the discharge begins.
(3) Record the terminal voltage, discharge current and indoor temperature of the battery during discharge. The measurement time interval is 1 hour, and the discharge current fluctuation shall not exceed 1% of the specified value.
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