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What are the reasons for the early failure of Panasonic batteries?
The Panasonic battery has failed during use, but I don't know what caused it?
This is because the battery is nearing the end of its life, the positive electrode of the battery will be severely softened (main failure mode), the active material will fall off, the internal resistance will increase, and the impurity elements in the plate will be dissolved continuously, so that the gassing rate will increase when charging, and the efficiency will be worse. The heat increases. At this time, the actual load of the battery will find that the battery voltage will drop quickly and the delay time will be seriously shortened. The typical fault is that the battery pack will be discharged soon after charging.
Some plant or base station type customers will perform a planned battery check discharge test (100% full capacity test or 50% capacity test) based on the battery pack installation time or operating conditions.
According to the current industry standard for communication lead-acid battery YD/T799-2010, the actual charge capacity of the battery pack should not be less than 80% of the rated capacity, and the old battery packs with long service life or the mains environment can reach three categories. Or the battery pack of the above-mentioned poorly-powered field environment can basically determine the battery failure after the maintenance cannot be significantly increased.
This is because any brand of battery is only a lead-acid battery, its use process is the process of gradually reducing the internal active material of the battery. The capacity of the backup battery pack is reduced to about 80%, and the battery performance will be greatly attenuated, which cannot meet the industry. According to some standards, the internal components of the battery, including the positive and negative plates and the separator, are basically deteriorated. This attenuation is gradually accelerated, and the charge and discharge capability will be completely lost soon.
The above is the reason why we have introduced the Panasonic battery failure, so everyone hopes to help everyone when using the battery.
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