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How to clean and maintain Panasonic battery
Here to tell you about the maintenance and cleaning methods of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid Panasonic batteries.
Panasonic battery can not be in contact with which materials. When you are clean, you need to pay attention to what we have to look at together.
1. The lead and sulfuric acid contained in the battery are environmentally cleansing materials. They should be placed by themselves to avoid impact. Do not tilt them at a angle of more than 45 degrees, and do not invert them to prevent the electrolyte from leaking out of the small holes.
2. Before the new Panasonic battery is installed, please clean the battery to find the oxides on the tray and the bracket. These erosive materials are easy to form poor contact, resulting in short circuit leakage.
3 implies that when you disassemble the battery, please remove the “iron pole” first, and then install the iron pole when installing.
4. Alluding to your high temperature will lead to faster self-discharge of the battery, to prevent storage of the battery in high temperature conditions.
5. Prepare for mixing with alkaline substances.
6. Once the battery has been terminated for more than 20 days, the negative wire of the battery should be removed to avoid the occurrence of leakage.
These six points are the basic skill patterns that Panasonic batteries should look forward to when they are nursed and cleaned.
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