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Shenyang Panasonic battery product quality standards
Quality and operation management of Shenyang Panasonic battery products
The quality process of Panasonic battery begins in the product design stage, deeply understands customer needs, and is designed in strict accordance with required performance, industry requirements, and customer quality standards to achieve absolute reliability and durability.

Panasonic Battery Company's excellent lean management (“EXCELL”) innovation and quality management system (“QMS”) is the two important driving force for achieving operational excellence. We not only pursue high quality in the manufacturing process, but also in each Each production and distribution organization has a strict quality review process and quality review standards, and the quality process runs through the entire life cycle and operations of the product. We have the most advanced technology, the most advanced process management, the perfect combination of high quality products and high level of service is the unswerving goal of Exeter.

○ Launched the ‘TAKE CHARGE!’ event at a global manufacturing facility. Enable the company to reach the manufacturing and distribution process
With higher operational efficiency, the company achieved productivity and yield improvements.
○ Major manufacturing plants around the world have passed ISO/TS 16949 and/or ISO 9001 quality certification.
○ Obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Health & Safety (“EH&S”) certification
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