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Shenyang Matsushita Battery once again won the "Most Influential Responsibility Brand Award"
Guided by the Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Social Responsibility 100 Forum - The 7th Sharing Responsibility Annual Meeting was held in Beijing on December 27, 2018. Relevant leaders from the government, More than 200 people from industry experts, well-known enterprise representatives and the media attended the meeting.
   The meeting took stock of the annual progress and major events in the field of corporate social responsibility in China during the period of 2018. It analyzed the stage characteristics of China's corporate social responsibility report and explained new standards, new issues and new trends in the field of social responsibility. As the first foreign-invested enterprise to enter China after the reform and opening up, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., has always adhered to the responsibility concept of “Enterprise is the public device of the society”, and closely integrates sustainable development with its core business. The core values of culture strive to contribute to the sustainable development of Chinese society. With Panasonic's outstanding performance, Panasonic has once again won the "Most Influential Responsible Brand Award" at this year's annual meeting.
   At the same time, the "China Panasonic Social Responsibility Report 2018" was evaluated by the China Corporate Social Responsibility Report Rating Expert Committee and won the award of the five-star report evaluation.
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