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What should I do with Panasonic used batteries?
Disposal of waste Panasonic battery recycling process:
1. Transfer the used Panasonic batteries to the smelter warehouse using special environmentally friendly vehicles;
2. Pour the electrolyte of the used Panasonic battery into the sedimentation tank for drug treatment;
3. Dismantle the used Panasonic battery and send the casing to the plastic recycling factory for professional treatment;
4. Distribute the separators of used Panasonic batteries to the professional factory for recycling;
5. The sorted waste plates are sent to a large reverberatory furnace for smelting to make lead ingots for recycling;
6. The wastewater generated during the smelting process flows into the sedimentation tank and is treated with the electrolyte;
7. The waste generated during the smelting process shall be sent to a professional ironworks for disposal;
8. The waste smoke generated during the smelting process is safely discharged after being treated by the bag dust removal device. At this point, the environmental recycling process for the used Panasonic battery is over.
Panasonic batteries contain a large amount of materials such as heavy metals and acids that can be recycled. For example, the recycling of Panasonic batteries is mainly based on the recycling of waste lead, including the use of waste acid and plastic casings. At present, the metal recycling rate of Panasonic batteries for domestic waste vehicles is about 80-85%.
According to industry estimates, according to the calculation of 100,000 used batteries per day, after removing various expenses, it can make a profit of about 20,000 yuan; with 7 billion batteries and 50% utilization, the annual profit can reach more than 600 million yuan. . It can be seen that the implementation of scale operations in this area can create benefits.
PS: Nowadays, large-scale battery manufacturers already have the technology to recycle and use lead batteries to recycle and process new batteries. Many new batteries are actually made of recycled materials.
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